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“John used many such warnings as he announced the Good News to the people.” – Luke 3:18 NLT

There are two vital parts of the good news of Christ. The part we love is that our sins are forgiven and we have an open door into God’s Kingdom. The part we don’t like is that in order to step through that door, we have to admit we have sin, and sin comes with dire, eternal consequences.

For John, warning about the eternal consequences of sin was part and parcel of the good news. What makes the good news good is that, without it, we would be doomed to forever to live an excruciating existence.

The first qualification in receiving forgiveness is to admit you have sin. Without sin forgiveness is unnecessary. Without forgiveness, eternal life with God is impossible. The good news is that sin does not keep us from heaven, unbelief does.

Father, warn me daily about the consequences of my sin. I pray that the Holy Spirit would be so active in me that I would recoil at the thought of sin, realign my will to Yours, and bring glory to Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

Pastor Bryon

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