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True Eternal Life

True Eternal Life

“And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.” – John‬ ‭17:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Most people (Christians included) think that “eternal life” means living forever in heaven. But Jesus had a different definition for eternal life. For Him, eternal life is not a destination, it is a relationship. Eternal life is to know God in His fullness; and the only way to know God that way is to know Jesus, His Son.

Eternal life is forever life, but it is also abundant life (John 10:10). It’s forever life because there are always more depths of God to discover. There is no end to our exploration of God. It is abundant life because the more we discover God, the more life we experience.

This means you and I do not have to wait to experience eternal life. It is available to us right now. This is why faith-building practices like prayer, Bible reading, and intentional fellowship (that’s church, folks) are so important. We do not exercise these practices so that we become better people (although that is a side benefit if we do it right), we do them because that is how we get to know Jesus better. The more we know Jesus, the more we know God. The more we know God’s, the more eternal life we experience.

Pastor Bryon

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