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Quiet Time

Quiet Time

“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” – Luke 5:16 NLT

Prayer is such a mystery. How is it that the Son of God—one with God in will and nature—needed to be alone to pray? After all, He was surrounded by people who needed His teaching, His miraculous touch, His incredible wisdom. Why would He walk away from them?

So often, we develop a picture of Jesus that is superhuman. Then episodes like this remind us that perfect humanity is still completely dependent upon Father God. Perfection does not push out reliance, it sharpens it.

Time out from the world tuned Jesus for the world. It was in prayer that He heard His Father’s voice and renewed His love for humanity. The more humanity pressed in upon Him, the more He needed to connect.

Father, I am here and I know you are as well. Thank you for quiet time with You. You listen and counsel. You renew and refresh. You restore my soul and refill my heart with love for others. I choose to no longer rest from my work, but instead, to work from my rest in You.

Pastor Bryon

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