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Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s Make a Deal

“So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the Lord.” – Joshua‬ ‭9:14‬ ‭NLT‬‬

The Gibeonites fooled Joshua and the Israelite leaders into making a treaty with them. Their ruse was carefully planned and exquisitely executed. Everything they did convinced Israel that they had come from a far-away place outside the Promised-Land.

They case was so clear, Israel did not ask for God’s insight. The very next day, Israel discovered they had been duped. But now it was too late, they had given their word in the name of the Lord, and could not go back on it.

Two things happen when we neglect seeking God’s counsel. First, we lose God’s perspective. God sees things we cannot. When we do not consult with God, we make decisions with insufficient information.

Second, we put ourselves in a position in which we cannot fully obey God. Once they discovered the Gibeonite’s deception, Israel had to make a choice: Do we disobey God’s command to destroy all the people of this land, or do we disobey God’s command to not lie? No matter what choice they made, they had to disobey God.

This is why it is important to consult with God when we make decisions. Perhaps that next job opportunity looks promising. Perhaps that potential relationship looks perfect. Perhaps that plan of action looks productive. Stop. Check with God. Listen for His voice before you act.

Because you don’t have all the information until you have God’s confirmation.

Pastor Bryon

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