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“On the other side of the lake the crowds welcomed Jesus, because they had been waiting for him.” – Luke 8:40 NLT

There can only be one reason why the crowds had been waiting for Jesus: The expected Him to show up.

As we go through life it seems like there are times when Jesus is right there, in the midst of our problems; strengthening, guiding, and reassuring us. Then there are other times when it seems like He’s taken a boat across a lake and cannot be seen at all.

The question we face in those more difficult times is this: Do we expect Him to return?

The crowd in the passage above expected Jesus to return. They waited for Him. They watched for Him. They anticipated His arrival.

Expectation is power. Expectation says, “I’m in a mess right now, but this mess is temporary.” Expectation says, “I cannot find a solution, but the solution is coming.” When our expectation is in Jesus, then we know that He will bring the answer to our mess and the solution to our problem.

When we expect Jesus to show up, we start waiting and watching for Him—and those who watch for Him get to see Him.

Pastor Bryon

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