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A Place in Your Story

A Place in Your Story

Then, turning to Shimei, David vowed, “Your life will be spared.” – 2 Samuel‬ ‭19:23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

People love to pile onto losers and pump up winners. Such was the case with Shimei and David. As David retreated from Jerusalem in fear for his life, Shimei hounded the procession, hurling insults at David for miles and miles. But when David returned in triumph, Shemei was the first one to greet David, begging forgiveness and telling him how great he was.

You and I will have times when we are on our way down and times when we are on our way up. The very same people will treat us differently, not based upon what we have done, but based upon our current circumstances. The temptation that we face is to treat them according to the way they have treated us.

David refused to do that. He held no contempt for Shimei because of his rude behavior, and David gave Shimei no real honor on his return. He knew that Shemei’s opinion–whether positive or negative–meant nothing in the grand scheme.

The most interesting thing about Shimei is that this is the only place he appears in scripture. We do not know where he came from or where he went. The reason is, David did not give Shimei a place in his story.

We need to take that position more often. When that co-worker keeps talking you down, when that new friend begins to idolize you, when that relative keeps gossiping behind your back, put it aside. Refuse to be affected by either infamous slander or fabulous praise. Do not give them a place in your story.

Pastor Bryon

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